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Let’s Transform Your Business Together.

Our world is facing unprecedented challenges, and the next decade will bring historical change to the way we live and work. At IBE Digital, our purpose is to anticipate the challenges ahead – and create solutions that will be readily at hand for you when you need them. Our vision is a world where everything is connected – with solutions, services and offerings built specifically around how you and your business works. Together, we can transform your workplace experience and drive dynamic business change.




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Expertise in Your Industry

There is no substitute for an expert who knows an industry inside out. IBE Digital has dedicated teams ready to help you address the complex changing world of work. Our Digital Transformation consultants are well versed in the nuances and regulations of each market segment, and stand ready to contribute toward successfully accelerating transformation for your entire value chain. Let us help you prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead.


We help schools and higher-education institutions gain the greatest benefits from their technology investments, to have the right resources at the right time, and to keep systems operational, ensuring first-class service for students, teachers and administrators.


Digital transformation in healthcare is driving improved outcomes and enhanced delivery of care. With the constant changes in the healthcare landscape and many variables at play, our unique solutions to these ever-present obstacles provide a more robust and secure digital healthcare experience.


Our aim is to satisfy core government objectives by providing a wide range of business tools that are cost effective and conform to even your tightest budgets. Digitalization, organization, workflow efficiency and security are all key to running facility operations smoothly and for fortifying the future ahead.


Claims processing, case review and financial document management can consume huge amounts of manual labor, creating inefficiencies, decreasing productivity, and driving costly mistakes. Our Insurance focused solutions help you optimize your everyday operations into one that’s streamlined, automated and secure.

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Redefining the Digital Workplace

At IBE, we believe work is about people, the physical spaces they work in, and technology (from hardware to software). In the past, these pillars that make up the world of work have been treated as separate entities. But we are changing that. Our Intelligent Connected Workplace is a dynamic and digitally-transforming work model that achieves true connectivity.

Disparate data points are connected to allow smarter ways of working and better corporate insights, to help the progression to a more agile way of working. Our Intelligent Connected Workplace puts you in control of your IT so you can work smarter, more efficiently, more productively and more securely.

Over 2 million customers worldwide rely on our expertise as a digital transformation provider. IBE Digital has one of the largest global service networks in the industry for its businesses of business technologies, industrial business and healthcare, represented directly by our own subsidiaries and indirectly by distributors in 150 countries.

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Igniting Print Possibilities

We want to build the future together with our customers. And in this new era in print – where stories and experiences are brought to life through colorful, creative designs and detailed textures – we’ll work with you to drive dynamic change and ignite print possibilities. We’re bringing greater versatility across new markets, inspiring creative outputs and discovering new-found routes to operational efficiency.

It is our commitment to help print businesses improve and grow. With a strong manufacturing heritage and reputation for innovation, IBE makes hardware and software products and services to meet the requirements of the evolving production print market. Our solutions are designed to help find efficiencies, boost productivity and increase versatility, freeing you to maximize profit and ensure clear competitive advantage.

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IBE IT Services

Digital transformation not only drives business change, but expands the need for every modern business to be technology-driven. Consumers expect information at their fingertips, and that limitless access creates heightened expectations for businesses. In an intelligent connected world, everything should be better, faster and easier to use.

IT services through IBE Digital help businesses meet these expectations and acclimate to the modern workplace. We can support you with your computing, networking, and application needs regardless of your type of business. Let us simplify your IT.

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