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Strategies For Digitizing Paper

Digital transformation begins with digitization. Paper stored on shelves, in filing cabinets, and off-site in boxes lock in data that only can be found through physical searches. Scanning records and indexing information gives you the digital access you need. From historical files to the documents you generate daily, and even digitizing mail for critical processes, a digitization strategy ensures quick access to data and the safe storage of your business information.

Backfile Scanning

Digitizing your files will give you easier access to the information currently locked inside. Instead of hunting through filing cabinets or boxes to find what you, or an auditor, needs, you will decrease your search time and increase your work time.

Saving Space

Saving paper files means you need in-house space to store them or external facilities to keep watch. Both incur a cost to you for the storage space, making digitizing the smart, space-saving solution.

Increasing Accessibility

Quickly conduct digital searches to find the document and information you need without digging through boxes or filing cabinets whether working from home or at the office.

Enabling Integration

What else can you do with digital documents? Use the information in other line-of-business systems (ERP, HRIS) to increase accuracy and reduce manual input time.

Mitigating Risk

Gone are the days of open access. You can control who can access your documents by business rules – while protecting them from physical disasters like fire and flood.

Stop Outside Storage

If you have paper and other objects you are storing off-site – digitize the paper and reduce (or eliminate) your storage footprint and its related costs.

Dayforward Strategy

On-going scanning ensures that your organization stays paperless and opens the door to doing more with your critical documents through line-of-business integrations, automation and compliance needs.

Maintain Paperless Departments

Build a day-forward strategy department by department to preserve your paperless environment and to maintain information searchability and accessibility.


Digitization opens the door to actively managing your content, processes, data with automation. With a content service platform you can eliminate more manual work through electronic tracking, routing, esignature approvals and eforms to support all aspects of your operation.

Easing Compliance Concerns

End the annoyance of collecting documents for auditors. With your information digitized, you can quickly find and aggregate what you need to support your compliance review.

Digital Mail As A Service

Digitize your mail for critical functions, like claims processing or the intake of invoices, so business units downstream can take action without delay.

Supporting Business Downstream

Eliminate the frustration of waiting for postal mail to flow through your company, and risk of lost or misdirected information by setting up digital mail as a service to process your mail for critical business processes.

Receiving Digital Images

We set up a P.O. Box or email for our imaging facility to capture, classify, and check for all required information off of your critical incoming mail and correspondences, such as invoice. This allows us to deliver digital images for uploading to your line-of-business system.

Transform Your Business For The Future

At IBE Digital, we’re here to help your business embrace change and find success in the evolving market. Our document scanning solutions make it easy to create digital versions of your old physical paperwork. As a result, your staff will more easily find and share important documents, allowing your business to improve its efficiency and impress clients.

When you choose document scanning services from a dependable company like IBE Digital, your business will be ready to work in today’s digital landscape while remaining flexible as new changes arise. We’ll tailor an all-encompassing document scanning solution around your business’s precise needs.

Why Choose IBE Digital For Digital Scanning Services?

When it’s time to do away with your business’s cluttered filing cabinets and expensive off-site storage units, trust the digital technology experts at IBE Digtial. Our team has decades of experience dealing with technology and rising with every innovation to hit the market. We’ve built the experience and resource network to help other businesses build lasting infrastructures. Our clients benefit from our knack for innovation and connectivity with the latest trends and data.

Beyond talent in our industry, we also pride ourselves on an excellent customer experience. The team at IBE Digital will work closely with your business to develop a unique solution that addresses its needs specifically. We prioritize honest collaboration with our clients and take accountability to ensure satisfactory results.

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The hallmark of the IBE Digital Intelligent Information Management practice is that we meet you where you are on your digital transformation journey, whether you are an SMB or Large enterprise. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific industry’s needs and build a plan that fits your goals.

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