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Save Time and Automate with Digital Documents and Processes

Working with too much paper and the inability to access the right content at the right time – is a pervasive barrier to businesses’ DX today. Becoming your digital-best begins with digitizing paper documents from filing cabinets and storage – then minimizing the processes that require paper moving forward. Once data and documents are accessible through centralized, online access, you and your staff can be even more productive!

No matter where you may be on your Digital Transformation (DX) journey, we will meet you where you are. We provide proven solutions and services to help you and your staff maximize efficiency and productivity.

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Intelligent Automation Solutions

The next level of DX is intelligent automation solutions. This transforms your information-intensive business workflows by using advanced capture software to gather key data, rename files automatically, or integrate with your line of business applications to reduce manual keystrokes.

If you are seeking reliable, 24/7, and error-free processing, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the solution. RPA uses automation to streamline and accelerate processing, improve oversight and give employees time back. This results in morale boost for your staff and the ability to focus on more meaningful contributions.

Key Technologies

Map processes to better understand how things truly work. Establish visibility and control of your processes – including all the gaps and bottlenecks that help you understand where to improve your processes.

Organize, optimize and manage content across your organization, so you can find the information you need when you need it. Give your team the benefits of digital access.

Handle an entire case – from customer inquiries to fraud investigations to Human Resources incidents – on one platform, so your team members have visibility to all the relevant documentation and data they need.

Utilize tools to digitize, classify, extract the information you need to make real-time decisions. Quickly resolve exceptions and approvals through dynamic workflows.

Automate repetitive tasks to allow your organization to focus on what really matters. by utilizing bots, we can automate the tasks handled by employees that break your automation flow.

Digitize your records to reduce physical storage space, preserve important images/data before it disintegrates, and increase information security. Alleviate your employees’ frustration with physical document search.

Local Presence With a Global Reach

Regardless of the size or location of your organization, IBE Digital has the teams in place and the experience to understand your unique business challenges. With passionate employees and offices around the United States, we provide our clients with co-authored solutions to cover all aspects of their business.

Our proven process, The IBE Digital Experience, ensures we take this journey together. This process is tailored to the size of your business and enables information sharing, insights, and co-authoring of your roadmap in accordance with your priorities. Our team of pre-sales engineers and sales consultants first listen before they assess your challenges. We will work with you to create the solution that best fits your organizational goals. This process allows us to guarantee your satisfaction – 100%.

On your journey with IBE Digital you will have the full support of our team – including account managers, customer success managers and professional services professionals to lead you to deployment success.

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Why IIM Solutions?

With the right intelligent information management, your business can increase productivity, automate processes and encourage your teams to work better together. Today, an organization’s work is often done outside of the traditional office setting. Therefore, safe and efficient online work capabilities are crucial. Choose IIM and explore these benefits for your business:

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