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Workplace Solutions

Workplace Solutions

Technologies That Drive Performance

Your office solutions tool kit must integrate technology and digital solutions to empower employees to work smarter and to transform your company. This set of tools will help the organization with the transition as well as building and maintaining a good organizational culture.

Two people standing at a desk working on a laptop

Print Management

There are many benefits of using print management systems. From the convenience, flexibility, and efficient sharing of information, security and compliance, customized control and even sustainability, our systems contribute to better workflows and outcomes.

Close up of hands typing on a keyboard with overlay of virtual workflow

Workflow Automation

With the majority of workplaces moving toward digital document management as well as intelligent document processing and routing, the need for solutions to facilitate workflow automation is growing. Among the benefits of converting paper documents to digital files and streamlining electronic documents and data capture, the biggest benefits are time and money.

Hand holding smartphone with lock displayed on screen

Data & Device Security Solutions

Securing confidential data is a priority for companies and monitoring their devices for risk has been challenging. Data and device security solutions can help you minimize risk, monitor fleet and notify you if any security incidents occur and ensure compliance with the latest security standards and mandates.

Illustration of a brightly lit cloud connecting devices

Cloud Applications

As the world forces us to stay flexible in the way we work and to constantly adapt to ever-changing markets, it is especially challenging for businesses to stay up-to-date and adjust. Changes often occur due to security issues, making it particularly burdensome for organizations that may lack technical and financial resources. Moving to the cloud, especially when managed by an experienced provider, provides invaluable benefits including reduced costs, access to specialists and increased security. In addition, the increased flexibility and scalability offered by our Cloud services and applications can help accelerate a business’ digital transformation journey.

Innovative Solutions to Enhance Efficiency

Dropbox logo

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is a secure, cloud-based workspace that allows your organization to easily and securely access and distribute files across teams and offices, including large file transfers. Secure and enhanced collaboration capabilities are right at your fingertips.

Screenshot of ALICE

ALICE Receptionist

Reshape you workplace with ALICE, the virtual receptionist. A touch screen and live video technology allows ALICE to connect with visitors directly with your employees, greeting them and notifying staff when a visitor enters your office space. In addition to a consistent customer service experience for guests, you’ll have improved security for your office – while saving money by forgoing a full-time staff member to manage your front desk.

Teem monitor

Meeting Room Management

This effective cloud-based solution for you meeting and conference room scheduling challenges is a great way to help you rethink you workspace usage. Teem improves productivity by keeping meetings on track and enhancing the way your staff schedules and conducts those important gatherings. And its powerful analytics identifies space use behaviors, guiding you on where improvements are needed.

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Dispatcher Portfolio

Business solutions are made easy with our IBE Digital Dispatcher portfolio of solutions. This allows organizations to effectively manage and reduce their printing costs, while increasing their document workflow productivity and security.

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