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Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (MEDR)

Protect Endpoints Against Modern Attacks And Exploitation

With the frequency of cybercrime and ransomware attacks continuing to rise, IT security for businesses of all sizes has never been more important. Modern cybersecurity threats are rendering traditional endpoint antivirus solutions ineffective, easily circumventing them by concealing themselves from detection. This risk increases as more and more employees work off-site as part of hybrid work structures, causing many of the on-premises focused solutions to fall short.

IBE Digital’s Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (MEDR) service, powered by SentinelOne, is designed to protect supported endpoints, and respond to neutralize possible threats before they can compromise your operations.

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Next Generation Cybersecurity Detection

Through the implementation, management and monitoring of next-generation endpoint protection, the MEDR service will protect your organizations’ endpoints regardless of where your workforce is, or even when not connected to a network.

Peace Of Mind For Your Business

The MEDR service is fully managed, giving your business the backing of a team of security experts that use real world experience to continuously improve our platform and procedures.

We understand that the closer a control is to the threat target, the more effective that control can be, and manage our MEDR platform and Security Operations Center accordingly. You’ll benefit from higher visibility, an enhanced peace of mind, and be able to measure behavioral anomalies, threats found, and time to quarantine/remove malicious behavior.

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Key Features

Global Security Experts
Backed by a comprehensive team of cybersecurity experts and threat hunters
24x7x365 Monitoring and Response
Continuous identification, reviews and responses to security incidents
World-Leading Partner
Our partnership with SentinelOne gives you access to the best-in-class solutions
Complete End-to-End Protection
Visibility across endpoints so administrators can keep their cyber-borders secured at all times
Installation and Deployment Included
MEDR is a fully managed service, meaning you can relax knowing we have you IBE Digital

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At IBE Digital, we recognize that our customers rely on our IT services to function correctly at all hours of the day. Our IT support services for businesses will prepare your organization for any technical issue. You can count on us to monitor your Help Desk or other IT solution and provide a timely response to any mishap. To learn more, call 562-921-0202 or contact IBE Digital online today!

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