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Five Reasons why Bizhub SECURE Ensures Business Safety for your Printer

Cybersecurity hacks are too frequent and too easy to ignore, which is why you should take in as many security options as you can when it comes to your Multi-Function Product (MFP). Utilizing Bizhub SECURE, a security service integrated on any Konica Minolta bizhub MFP that provides uncompromising security protection from your network data, can be the best protection for you and every user in your office. Here are five reasons why Bizhub SECURE is important:

1. Physical Hard Drive Encryption

Bizhub SECURE uses 128-bit AES encryption to ensure the highest level of protection for your printer. Encrypting your hard drive is security from an outside user trying to recover data. With the special encryption, they are unable to read the contents on the drive. The benefits of the hard drive being a physical element include protection and easy removal in case the printer is sold, stolen or disposed of in any other way.

2. Auto-deletion of User Box Data

Bizhub SECURE also includes an Auto-Deletion feature to avoid filling up the User Box with old printer jobs. This is beneficial because it ensures any personal or important data is also cleared. Since this job is automatic, you and your staff can spend less time at the printer and more time increasing business productivity.

3. Temporary Holds through Timers

Your MFP automatically puts a temporary hold on any job you send to the device, but you have the security with Bizhub SECURE to place a timer on when the document is deleted. So, you can even select different time limits for certain box files on your bizhub’s hard disk.

4. Password Protection on Sensitive Material

Protect sensitive documents by storing them in a password-protected box or folder on your bizhub’s hard disk. For an extra level of security, the hard disk can be encrypted, so even if it is stolen and access is attempted by installing the hard disk elsewhere, the data will be secure.

5. Temporary Data Overwrite

With Bizhub SECURE, you have the option to temporarily overwrite data stored on your MFP. The Temporary Date Overwrite program automatically overwrites and deletes all completed jobs and leaves no data trace anywhere in the system. This can be done as a one-time overwrite or three times overwrite.

Konica Minolta offers unmatched levels of MFP security, and IBE Digital strives to make sure every client and user can utilize these security features easily and swiftly. Furthermore, we want to create the best business flow from your desk to your printer. Contact us with any questions or concerns about how to get the most out of your MFP.