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Four Considerations about Cloud Migration

Storing all documents on a hard drive can affect more than just cost, it also tampers with security and productivity within your workplace. By utilizing Cloud Migration on your MFP with All Covered Cloud Environment, you can see benefits in cost savings, flexibility, increased productivity and more.

Cap Ex vs Op Ex:

By storing data off-site, you can eliminate the costly need to buy hardware or software necessary to keep your data safely on the premises.

Flexibility = Productivity:

Cloud services are easy and quick to set up, allowing you to increase or decrease bandwidth demands with only a few clicks. This increases productivity because on-site data centers are removed from your building and the focus isn’t relying on keeping your documents secure on your own.

Staying Up-to-date:

All Covered Cloud Computing Solutions are regularly updated and upgraded to the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware.


Maintaining data in an off-site location makes backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity easier and less expensive. Through the Cloud Migration, everything is automatically stored and easy to recover if needed. Data is compressed, de-duplicated, encrypted for security, and stored on servers to keep you at ease and your data in a safe spot.

IBE Digital works to provide services to your business that will keep you productive and secure. Contact our business representatives to start storing your data remotely and safely.